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Fighting the Sea
Rocking back and forth on the sea
Hand in hand, Heart in heart, mind in mind
Untamable, unbeatable, unkillable         
From start to finish nothing has changed
Fighting the meaningless fight
In the raging sea that shouldn’t be here
Ripping us apart, limb by limb
Till we are chewing on the bones
But not really wanting the sea like this
but it to be smooth, and calm
like it was in the start, like it should be
a happy, free flowing, carefree sea
A sea where we can enjoy each other
No fighting…agreeing on everything
With little disagreement to be seen
 Together, changing and evolving together
Into the persons we love today
And will forever with us
Hand in hand, heart in heart, mind in mind
Untamable, unbeatable, unkillable
From start to finish nothing has changed
Shall we live forever in our world
That we call love, that is our future
That is the life we truly need and want
To feel alive with you at my s
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 2 18
The days turn cold to warm again
The days turn cold to warm again
The days go by so slowly without change
Pain, regret, silence becoming the end of it all
So careless in my eyes, so blind to not see it
What it truly means to love
May I take you to my world again?
To flourish with happiness, move on from pain
From regret, from silence that’s killing us
So we may become what we wanted to at first
My love for you is never ending
Let the pain wash away..come into my arms
Let me take you to the world beyond
I am always, just hold on
The roads I travel, miles after miles
I wish in my heart it were to you
Unbearable travels before now lay bearable with you
Here at my side, come join now
Messed up, fucked up, Pain, regret
Forget now, come to my arms
The arms of love and soothing    
To wash away everything but what we want
Time heals most things if you have the right one to count on
The sweet hold of a lover
The sweet feel of their lips on yours
Makes everything better
Pull us from this darkness with our happi
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 2 25
my Car by DracoAndGrace my Car :icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 5 49
Angel of life
Angel of life
Pain from everywhere
Pain from all things new and old
Without hope to stop by one unknown thing
But now washed away by a new feeling
From behind feelings grew for you
Completing me once more
Joined hands with you
Always and forever more
An angel I am happy to have as mine
One who’s always close in heart
No matter where we both sit in this world
Time will see the growth of love
Let no pain, troubles, or life
Fall this love we hold
With us both being strong
We can never lose, no matter what
Staring into those lovely eyes of thee
Feeling like nothing else matters but you
The world we will create in our own eyes
Shall always be better than made alone
Whenever fate oh life throws at us
It shall fall no matter what to us
With love that can’t be broken
It shall endure forever
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 4 3
New light
New light
From the ashes of defeat
Feeling more than nothing
But by the sound and feel of you
Washes away all pain and defeat
Replaced by your love, and life
From the eyes of one so beautiful
Still everything in life, bad and hurtful
Create a smile real like nothing else before
To finish off old bad memories
That would drown me in darkness
Without your heart to still it
And compress it down to nothingness
Space made by you for you
Filling my heart to always warm me
No matter what stands between our hearts
May it be distance or trouble, all shall not stop it
Known before, but not how much you mean
To me, or how much you could have
But not realized and shall never forget
What one so lovely to me, all you have done
Will always miss you when I can’t see your eyes
Hear your voice, or feel your touch
Always waiting and wanting to feel, and see you again
Because I love you isn’t enough to show how much
You really mean to me, only in time and life
Can what you have done for me, be
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 2 3
The man in the rain
The man in the rain
When everything was right
Bright as the noon day sun
Showing the way and warming
Our faces as we look at each other
The world soon tipped upside down
Rain beat down on my face
Blackening the sky and sight
So I can’t see you anymore
And when the lightning flashes
I catch a glimpse of you .. far away
The wing catches up as the lead in my legs
Burns with me running to catch you
But wing and rain and lead and distance
Proved to be enough to keep you away
For all the miles the burning legs of mine
Carried me, you always seemed miles away still
I keep running in hopes to see your face
But time and nature seem to work against me
Doing their best to keep me in place miles away
To just watch and hurt inside with no cure or hope
To banish the lead and burning inside
To just hold thy again and see that face happy
To be happy with you and know you are too with thee
But you won’t slow or look back to the one running to you
But wing and rain and lead and distance
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 5 13
Solo Walker
Solo Walker
I walked into this life alone to be joined
With family first, then later friends
But unlike others no true happiness
Be found for this solo walker
For when it is found, only lasts a time
Before it gets ripped away,
Taking every feeling with it
Leaving not but a shell behind
One doomed to be solo walker
Take in others needs and wants
And make it happen, regardless
Of thy wants or needs
For if solo walker finds happiness
Will only later get it ripped away
To be alone in a white world
Without feeling, nor care for self
Solo walker shall hide true feelings
For not want thee worrying
Nor would thee notice the solo walker
Missing shall it pass on
Pain inside hurts but not told
For no help can be done for thy
Best left to be solo walker
To help others, then die by own hands
To end thy own misery shall
It come too great to keep inside
But not shown outside
For it kept deep inside for no care for thyself
Solo walker to keep walking on
With no care if thy gets what
Solo walker wants
:icondracoandgrace:DracoAndGrace 3 241



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Info about myself:
Name: Call me Dracan or Draco
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: Single
About me: I am just a guy from USA who can write stories, draw (a little bit) and chat and also plays games
How to Contact me: I am always on DA even if i don't reply, if you want my skype note me i won't post it here because i want to know that its my friends who add me and not some random stalker/sex person

Will add more stuff when I am not lazy and can think of more ^^ don't be afraid to talk to me i won't bite :3

Best friends






I will and can add more later if i missed you or just havent been talking to me and you want to be here

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