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You my dear razbaserdescription are just wonderful, you have changed my life so much so fast I don't even know why I didn't ask you before <3 you are awesome in every way and you make me happy just to talk to you ^^ I love you more than anything this world or universe can give no matter what <33 let's journal through what people call life together forever and always ^-^ You will always be my raz <33 love you baby :heart::heart::heart:

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Lightning Rep Sheet (Updated) by DracoAndGrace
Lightning Rep Sheet (Updated)

 Name: Lightning

Age: 15 (before he ran away )

Gender: Male

Mate: (light side) lavender (LozWozHere) (dark side) Minty (LozWozHere)

Personality: he has two personalities because he has two sides

Light: His light side or normal side is very kind, caring, will help whenever he can. Will try his best to be your friend. He is also very trustworthy and will not do anything evil or bad, that is he won’t after he ran away from his fake parents. He is usually fun and nice to have around to talk to.

Dark: His dark side however is a difference story. He is crazy, will do anything to get what he wants, even if it means breaking the law or killing someone. He is only nice about 10-20% of the time. Other times he might just be trying to trick you into being his next meal, or his next ‘toy’. Unlike his other half, he can be really flirty, convincing, and cruel to get what he wants.

Powers: At first he only has his light, lightning and darkness powers, and before he meets his parents who help unlock his true power, he can only go full form and not split.

            His true power: When he finds his parents to tell him that he is in fact a hybrid that can control both light and darkness. He will be able to split into two different beings, his light side, and dark side. But his dark side has some downside, because of the joining of these two beings that should never have happened, his dark side is limited to only appearing out of his other half’s shadow or any shadow that he can see, and can’t go more than 10 miles away from him or he will appear back under his shadow.

            His light side also gains the power to be able to appear instantly like his other half but in the presence of light, but he isn’t limited as much by his dark side and has learned through time to control him.


        His six elements of power: He has a total of 6 elements but its split between his two halfs.

                                Light side elements

                                Light: He of course has light as his main power, he can move through bright light areas, and he can turn invisible but only if he is in sunlight or bright areas

                                Lightning: He has the power of lightning, and can create lightning bolts to attack his enemies, and can move at the speed of lightning.

                                Water: He can slightly control water and create some water to make his lightning stronger.

                                Dark side of elements

                                Darkness: He can blend in with the shadows and come out of any of them

                                Earth/ground: Can change the ground around him and control earth to a limited degree

                                Fire: can breathe fire balls and handle fire easily.

                His weakness of both sides.

                                Light side weakness:

                                He is valuable to the opposite of his elements and his niceness can also impair his judgment. He is also very valuable to mind attacks, because as a kid he was never taught how to defend against it so, he can be easily controlled by a being with strong mind attacks.

                                Dark side weakness:

                                Like his other half he is valuable to the opposite of his elements and by his other half, because his light side can control him and stop him. But his light side isn't the only one that can control him, a being of very powerful darkness can control him unless he finds a way to break it.


                Likes and dislikes of both

                                Light side

                                        Likes: nice people

                                        meat, some plants

                                        laying down in fields and on top of hills looking

                                        Meeting new people and making friends.

                                        Loves to train and get better

                                        Dislikes: People who try to control him and use him for things that they want
                                        hates spilling blood 

                                        he hates when his dark side leaves and comes back to eat a heart in front of him.

                                        Malefor and sometimes cynder (but he has sorta forgave her after a few years )

                                        being alone with his dark side.

                                Dark Side

                                        Likes: LOVES to eat people’s hearts out

                                        Sexual themes (but he uses the female he mates with to feel like they are safe so he can eat their eats out its rare that he falls in love or does it in need for a mate)

                                        Loves being in the dark, loves to see his other half squirm when he eats a heart in front of him.

                                        Loves to be active/can’t sit still for hours on end UNLESS he gets something for it like a heart.
                                        Loves sneaking out away from his other half to cause mayhem or find a heart to eat or something else

                                        Dislikes: hates killjoys (like his other half)


                                        Shadow beings who try and control him

                                        Hates having to sit around and do nothing


              When lightning’s parents met at first they hated the look of each other because they both were opposites, light and darkness. They knew the law of light and dark dragons and didn’t want to break it, until one day, Radisa (Ra-dos-a) saved Neki (Neki) from a horde of dark dragons. He didn’t want to see his friend get killed just because she was his friend. The dark dragons were angered and banished Radisa from the village forever. He didn’t care though because he left with Neki and went far away. After 2 years of running and trying to find a home they settled down and had their first son, Lightning. Their happiness didn’t last long though, a week after Neki laid the egg, a pair of dragons saw them and reported them for being together and having an egg, they didn’t just break the law, they broke a harsher rule. No dark or light dragon may lay an egg of the other race, or shall be sentenced to life in jail. So they was brought dragon city and imprisoned for life, while their son Lightning was sent off and laid in the most remote location that they could find, so when he hatched he wouldn’t survived.

                A few months after he had hatched he was still alive and trying to teach himself to hunt. That day he wondered very far from his home he made where his egg had been. He was stalking a deer and was going to try for the 10th time to kill it. Just as he was about to pounce on the deer, a giant purple arm with claws slashed through the deer and it flew towards him and landed right in front of him. When he looked up he saw the biggest creature he has seen since birth. The big creature spoke to him and said, “What is a dragon like you living out here, did your parents leave you to die?” Lightning looked up at the creature and said “I have no parents…I don’t know where they went.” The creature just laughed. “Your parents are not coming back, you look to be a few months old, come with me and my wife here.” He grinned as he looked at a black dragon next to him, a tall female with a black body and purple wings. She wasn’t really his wife because she looked at the purple dragon next to him like he was insane. The purple dragon glared at her, the female sighed and looked at lightning. “So what’s your name? I am cynder and this is Malefor. Come with us we will raise you to be a great dragon.” She smiled and went to pick lightning up, he started kicking but stopped as the purple dragon looked at him “Come on Don’t fight, we will teach you how to be a great dragon.”

                For the next 3 years Lightning was trained in all the elements that he has. Malefor soon found out after a few months what he really was, and since that finding he was planning on using Lightning to destroy his foes. When it came for his training on how to kill another dragon, he didn’t want to at first, but with a little persuasive help he killed a hostage that he catch a while back. He was getting better at it and soon was going on real missions instead of training ones. He kept getting stronger and stronger from each mission, that Malefor was starting to worry if this new underling he recruited would actually surpass him. So for a final mission he sent lightning at the age of 14 was sent to Dragon city to ‘kill’ the leader of the guardians. Lightning didn’t know that it was his last mission and treated it like a normal mission.

    When he got to the city however he was ambushed by the guardians and thrown into the same jail his real parents were in. His parents saw him and called out to him, but he didn’t really listen until they had called his name 5 times. He looked at them and asked what they wanted. That day he found out that those dragons were his parents. He was outraged by malefor hiding them here and broke the bars, but that created a loud enough noise for the guards to hear and they started running down the hall. His parents looked at him “Just go for now come back again and we will teach you powers you never even dreamed of.” He looked at them, sad to see them go, but he ran out of the jail and killed the guards before he used his lightning powers to get back to malefor. He yelled at him saying that he knew his parents were alive and that he should help save them. Malefor was anger that lightning survived and punished him. This did give him an idea however so he decided to keep using lightning and use him to kill the guardians.


                Lightning however acted like he was doing his missions when instead he was visiting his parents secretly to receive more training. Over the course of the next year he had gained control and was able to split into two halfs, his light, and dark side. When he returned one day to malefor’s lair he walked up to him and told him that he quit and using his new found powers blew malefor into the nearest wall, catching him off guard and flew out to get as far from malefor as possible. He then went to free his parents and left the land behind to go back to his old village and claimed to want to be a part of it. They still refused and told them if they ever set foot there again they would be killed. With nowhere to go they flew back to the land they left and found a cave that they could stay in for the coming years.  

Artnot by me the artist is on the picture OCme 




Volatius (Updated Ref) by DracoAndGrace
Volatius (Updated Ref)


Name: Volatius

Age: 20

Mate: Levitate (haven't figured out in his story yet where she comes in, and the owner of Levitate is Vezuviuz )

Powers: Magic, Tracker, and water

Personality: He is kind, caring, and very well minded about training. He will help anyone that needs help or he feels that he can help them. But he will always put his mate first then other because he doesn't want the same thing happening to his mate like what happened to his first mate. He can be a friend or enemy depending on how you treat him. Most of the time he will be nice and kind to you.

Stages: Once he gets this powerful magical item he becomes 5 times as strong but at a great price, he may only have ONE power active at a time. All of his powers come at a price.

    Angelic Power:
When he activates this power on he becomes like an angel but not the way you may think, he can take the evil out of whoever he chooses and make them good again, but at a price, he gets all their evil in his body until he gains back his     power to expel it out into the world.

    Stealth: When he activates this power he can’t be detected by anyone as long as it’s active. He can sneak into the heaviest guarded places without being detected but it may only last as long as he has mana or crystals.

    Strength: When he activates this power his strength grows to 10 times his normal strength for a short period of time. When his power is drained from using this power he becomes 5 times weaker than his normal self

    Air: When this power is active, he can fly up very high and be as steady as can be in storms. When this power is drainned he can't fly very well or sometimes not at all.

    Power: This power just increases his normal magic power and is the one that will drain his secondary powers the most. (these 7 powers)

    Magic: His magical powers increase to that of a very powerful wizard of master skills but this power drains his powers almost as much as the power above.

    Heal/Painless: When he turns this power on he can almost heal just about anything, or become painless so he can take as many hits as he can handle, but when it is deactivated all the pain he has healed and the pain he would’ve taken will attack him     all at once and if he heals or takes too much damage with his active he could die.

    After effects of his powers: depending on what one he uses and how long he uses it will tell how long he has to wait to activate another one, and the more he activates, one after another the longer his powers will take to recharge. Sometimes hours to     a few weeks. He rarely uses them for more than just a few minutes because of the downfall of using them. If he uses them for hours on hours on hours it could take him a month to recharge his powers. And in that state he can’t even use normal magic.

His necklace:  The necklace he gets if he heads home to where he was born in the sky, and passes the tests needed to get into the temple, he is rewarded with the necklace of magical power, “The Kisama”. It has 7 magical orbs on it each with symbol of    his seven powers he gains. When he activates one that orb will move to the front and start glowing showing that the power is active. The orbs are unbreakable, nothing in the known world can break them, many have tried and have only gained the excess power and pain caused by the orbs in the past. They can however be discharged for months or even years if the right spell is casted onto them. But the only know copy of that spell is hidden in the same temple as the Orb but not in the same room, its hidden even deeper and like the orbs. Can’t be destroyed because it’s the only thing that can discharge the orbs that the ancient ones have found to work on them.


        He was born in the sky kingdom of Magical called Aseirien (As-er-rin), but it was long since destroyed by war from a kingdom that was jealous of their power and advance way of living. This kingdom found a way to make a portal from their kingdom of Chauma (Chum-ma) to their Kingdom and without any warning or time to react. The people of Chauma devastated Aseirien from the center of the kingdom.


    They may have been more advance but the kingdom below them had stronger and more powerful war machines. And without word of why or how they managed to get a portal up to their beloved Kingdom of Aseirien the elders sealed the Kisama away along with the spell needed to stop it, and sent the last heir to wield it down to the surface far away from both kingdoms. The Heir was called Volatius, but he was only just a young dragon at the time. Just before he was sent off he saw the warriors break in through the front door and killed his father and soon his mother right before he was sent off.

    When the people of Aseirien are killed however they are turned to stone until the heir returns to release them. They are hard to break as stones but can be done. Most of the ones turned to stone however were left alone while the Invading warriors stole everything magical, and weapon to advance their weapons. After the terrible event they sealed the portal leading up to the kingdom of Aseirien and then set their sights on taking over the surrounding lands with their new found power.

    Volatius wondered the land in search of his parents and a way to get back home, but he never did. An ancient dragon that was on the vogue of taking over as ruler of the dragons found him and at first tried to kill him; but when Volatius repelled the dragon’s not too powerful attack he saw that there might be a use in this little one after all. From then on he was trained without knowing evil ways and magic, thinking he was doing the right thing. When he was first ordered to kill some innocent dragons with his training he refused. This angered the dragon leader and scolded him for hours until he finally did it out of fear.

    He was beginning to stray from the path his parents had laid down for him to follow for this foreign way out of fear that he would be killed and turned into stone like his father was. This would go on for years until he turned 15, he was being ordered to kill this one female dragon because she knew information about what his master was up to and needed to be killed. Just as he was about to kill the poor dragoness he saw in her eyes, his mother. The way that she looked at him before he was sent away. He stopped for a few seconds before he turned around and blasted his master with his magic, stunning him. He then picked up the female who was in shock, and flew off as fast as he could. Since he was the dragon’s best tracker, he was nowhere to be found, and has been on the run ever since.

    He was on the run for 2 years before one of his old master’s dragons managed to catch up to him. To get to him they stole the dragoness his saved 2 years ago, who was now his mate, and hanged her up on a post in the middle of the town they found her in. They had cut off her wings and tail, and plucked out her eyes, and after they finished they just left her there bleeding to death. When Volatius figured out why his mate wasn’t coming home he went to look for her, and to his horror, found her dead on the post with a pool of her own blood around her feet. He was outraged by the sight that he called out to the dragons that were hiding in the bushes. For 2 years he kept his powers and rage in check, but now they were going to found out how powerful he really can be. He killed them as merciful as he had killed others in the past, and hanged them in a worse place than what they did to his mate. He hanged them upside down from the clock tower without any arms or wings, and he had stuffed the severed limbs down their mouths and left the town, and never again showed his face to the world. It was like he disappeared off the face of the planet.


Art@ not by me OC@ Me (dracoandgrace)


Any comments or ideas to do with him would be helpful :3 and I hope you all like him, I will try to get an updated verison of him with the Kisama ^^ 

Favorite and Comment (Good comments not complaints if there are complaints I may ignore them)



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info for meh Cx

Name: Dracan (only real friends know my real name cx okay?)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexualtiy: Straight
Zodiac sign: Libra
Birthday: October 11, 1994
Relationship status: Taken foreveh by this amazing girl :heart:Vezuviuz:heart: *-*
Info about me: I am a very nice and friendly person ^^ but once you get to know me more I am more random and crazy then cx just ask a few of my friends and my gf ^-^
Things I love to do: I love talking and skyping with my gf always <3 Also like talking to other people and rping sometimes ^-^ I am also a gamer and a writer, I always will try and help if I can or know what to do cx so don't be afraid to ask, but I am not always available to talk but I will usually get to it sometime xD

friends are always welcome c: can never have too many friends ^-^

My dragonsona
Dragonsnoa by DracoAndGrace


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